Dora Moore ECE-8 School

Donations for New Arrival Families Needed

11/28/23, 8:32 PM

Hi Dora Moore!

There is a need and we intend to meet it!


Place Bridge Academy, a sister K-8 school in DPS and colleagues of Ms. Watson and I, have taken in most of the recent new arrival migrant families to Denver.

They have received nearly 180 new students this school year alone and almost all from Venezuela. 


Their families are in need of: 

  • non-perishable, easy/no prep food items
  • warm jackets/coats
  • boots
  • clean clothes (all clothing items child-sized for ages 5 - 13)


If you can help--please bring any items to school Wednesday or Thursday!


We will shuttle whatever we collect over to them on Thursday to distribute to their families before the weekend!

Thank you for your help! 



Abe & Jillian