Dora Moore ECE-8 School

Outstanding Hot Lunch Balances - DUE BY FRIDAY!

05/31/23, 7:21 PM

Outstanding Hot Lunch Balances - DUE FRIDAY

  • We have a significant amount of money in our charged account due to negative hot lunch balances ($1000's!!!) that students have accrued this year. Ms. Amalia has sent home multiple paper copies of these notices in the last couple months but many families have not paid these balances. 
  • All outstanding balances are the schools responsibility which means that we will have less money available next year to go towards programming and student supports that we have budgeted. 
    • To pay an outstanding balance...
      • Ms. Amalia can take cash and checks directly.
      • To pay with a credit card:
        • Visit and sign-in or click “Sign Up Free”--Select Colorado as your state and choose Denver Public Schools as the district. Then you will be prompted to enter your name, phone number, and email address. Last, you will create a password and set up security questions.
  • If you have questions about how to pay online, check-out this link:


**If your student has a large negative lunch balance and you believe your family should be receiving free or reduced meal benefits, either you did not fill out the meal benefits application as prompted or you did not actually qualify for benefits. In both cases, any charges accrued are the families responsibility.**