Barney Ford Elementary

Traffic Safety Reminders

03/06/23, 10:04 AM

Dear DCIS at Ford Families,
Please help keep our students safe during morning drop off and afternoon pick up.
Following the steps below will make it safer for everyone:
  1. Do not double park. Do not let children out of your car unless you are parked next to the sidewalk. If you let them out next to a parked car, they are more likely to be injured.

  2. Do not park next to the pedestrian islands and the bus loading zones. This makes it extremely difficult to keep traffic flowing smoothly. The city will be adding new signs and lines on the street to highlight the no-parking zones.

  3. Slow down and listen to the crossing guards. Please remind your child not to cross the street until the crossing guards say it is safe. Drive slowly and carefully through the school zone.  
Thank you for your cooperation.
DCIS at Ford Staff