Barney Ford Elementary

A note from our Nurse

02/21/23, 10:50 AM

Please read the following regarding some additional health support available at our school to hopefully help keep kids at school. 
Denver Health has a virtual program that allows me and sick students to have a telehealth appointment with physicians at our school-based health centers in DPS.  This will allow me to give medications such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol, allergy medication, etc. as directed by a physician to help prevent sending a student home, or having a parent come to give their child medication. Please see attached document for more information, or come chat with me!  
Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone that with the cold weather, and viruses floating around, our asthma kids are significantly impacted. 
Many of our asthma students are amazing self-advocates who know their symptoms and will come to the office to use their inhalers. 
Students with asthma should ALWAYS be allowed to go to the health office to use their inhalers.  

Attachment: 16769942207205_School-based_Virtual_Care_Information.pdf