KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy

Changes for KSPA Path

08/19/22, 2:10 PM

Happy Friday KSPA families!
We are so happy to have started the 2022-2023 school year with everyone - it is so good to be back!
We want to remind all students and families that our start time is 9:15AM. Students can enter the building starting at 9:05AM. In addition, next week our MSLA and Valverde friends will be back on campus as well starting their new school year.
As a reminder, the gate between KDC and KSPA will now be locked. KSPA students are not to walk on the path through the KDC campus. Instead, students must walk on Tejon Street to reach KSPA.
We are happy to be in community with you!
Thank you,
Dan Ordaz
Assistant Principal, Operations
KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy