KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy

Your student needs your voice

08/31/18, 10:29 AM

Are you willing to speak up and make sure your student continues to have a quality education that meets their needs?

The district is conducting a search for the next Superintendent of Denver Public Schools.

Who will be the best person fit to run our schools? What values will they bring and what initiatives will they prioritize for our students? That will be determined by what our students, staff, and families demand. You can make sure that your values and your needs in a school are represented by participating in the upcoming community meetings.

Gabriela Rodriguez is organizing students, parents, and staff members from our schools to be part of the superintendent search.

There will be two community meetings open to all who would like to have input in the next leader of our schools:

  •  Tuesday (9/4) at 5:30 PM at Abraham Lincoln High School (2285 S. Federal Blvd.) 
  • Wednesday (9/5) at 5:30 PM at John F. Kennedy High School (2855 S. Lamar St.) 

RSVP by texting or calling Gabriela at 720-724-3803

**Interpretation and childcare will be available at both meetings