Colorado "I Have A Dream" Foundation

Holiday Gift Partnership Wish List

12/06/21, 4:31 PM

Colorado "I Have A Dream" Foundation has partnered with community members to provide youth and families in our program gifts for the holiday season! Please fill out the form attached to this link:  for individual family members' wish list items and we will do our best to fulfill items on the list!  The program team will gather wish list items for youth in the program - please fill out this form for all other family members in the household. **if you have already completed this form, there is no need to do it again but please note the reminders below**
A few things to remember:
-While we recognize that big items are highly desired (ie. Nintendos and large electronics) our partners are unable to fulfill requests for electronics
- If you are listing clothing or shoes, please be sure to include sizes!
- Please do not hesitate to complete this form because our partners are excited about providing something for everyone in your family this year, making it extra special for everyone!
Gifts will be delivered by the partners to the program sites on Thursday, December 16th by 5:00 pm. Please join us for refreshments and treats at that time, to pick up your family's gifts!
Please let Aimee Alcorn know if you have any questions -  or 303-861-5005 x116