Barney Ford Elementary

No Prime Drinks at School

10/31/23, 3:03 PM

Dear Barney Ford Parents,
Prime drinks are not allowed at school due to mounting safety concerns and an FDA investigation. The high caffeine content is dangerous. We are seeing an uptick in these drinks being brought to school by 4th and 5th graders.
Only water allowed at school: No fruit punch, Gatorade, or other drinks allowed.
Candy, Chips, and Drinks Policy
Our students are learning about eating healthy and taking good care of themselves. To help with this, please do not send large amounts of candy or big bags of chips to school. Large quantities of these treats often create conflicts between students and are not good for fueling learning.
Caffeinated drinks such as Prime and other sodas are not permitted at school. We have several filtered water bottle fountains throughout the school for students to fill up their water bottles. Read more about why Prime Energy drinks are not safe for kids here.