KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School

KNDMS 23-24 School Supplies

07/31/23, 10:46 AM

Dear KNDMS Families,

To support students and their learning each day, we are asking that each student comes to school with mandatory school supplies. Students will be responsible for bringing, managing, and maintaining their school supplies and materials daily, and will have a daily morning check in during advisory to ensure that each student is prepared and has all of the materials they need to support their learning. 


Required Daily Supplies:

  • The following supplies are to be provided by the student/family:

    • At least one writing utensil (more encouraged: pen & or pencils only - no sharpies or other markers) 

    • Backpack/Bag large enough to hold all the above materials

  • The following supplies will be provided by the school and must be brought to school each day by the student:

    • Folder/binder or some way to store loose paper - two 2-pocket pronged folders (provided by school)

    • Grade Level Class Novel (provided by school)

    • Chromebook, fully charged nightly, labeled (provided by school) 

    • Chromebook charger, labeled (provided by school)

Optional and Encouraged Daily Supplies 

  • Additional folders (optional)

  • Water bottle (optional)


Thank you, 

The KNDMS Team and Family