KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School

How To Talk To Kids About Hate Speech

07/18/22, 4:48 PM

Team & Family, I wanted to take a minute today to share with you how KNDMS is working with students who use hate speech and also provide you all with a resource to support you all as well.     

The following is how we are addressing hate language within our community. This approach is not set in stone and will adjust to the situations and community’s needs:

  1. Staff member or student reports to a member of the culture team
  2. Team determines if the hate language was targeted / determine if suspension is appropriate
  3. Impact identified
  4. Families are notified of the incident and any consequences to follow.
  5. Restorative Day(s)
    1. Base education if the situation finds it necessary or helpful for the students learning
    2. Education via book club, research project, readings and/or other personalized media.
    3. Impact Conversations with members of their grade level community and other impacted community members

For the victim(s) of hate language

  1. Communicating with families and listening, have them guide the process as much as possible
  2. Check-in's with Culture/SW/Admin/Teaching staff, leaning on trusted adults to support
  3. Asking the student what they would like to see happen (with the understanding that students are likely still processing and won't know the answer to this question right away)
  4. Providing safe spaces to process and cope with impact
  5. Inviting student and family to have an impact conversation

Please click this link to learn more of what to do when your child says something inappropriate.

KNDMS is a Caring Community.....

We will continue to work with Families to ensure KNDMS is a place where everyone feels safe and belongs