KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School

Morning Arrival Reminders (KNDMS)

07/18/22, 4:48 PM

Team & Family, I want to take a minute to ask and remind KNDMS Families to ensure we are all doing our part in keeping morning arrival safe and as efficient as possible. When using the driveline we ask that you pull your vehicle up as far as possible before letting students out of the vehicle when not waiting for the outdoor temperature check. Often times when vehicles stop on Walden closer to 47th, other vehicles are prevented from moving forward. In addition, please do not park and leave your vehicle unattended in the KNDMS driveline. 

We also ask that vehicles do not park or drop off students in front of our neighbors homes or make u-turns to turn around. Students are to use cross walks at all times, even when with family members picking or dropping them off. 

We appreciate everyones cooperation to ensure Families, Staff, and Students remain safe!