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Last day to take $190 off Costa Rica trip price!

05/24/24, 10:41 AM

Hi families!


We are so excited for those who have already signed up for the Costa Rica trip!


Sign up by TONIGHT for only $49 and you can take $190 off the trip price, lowering the total to $3969.


If you have not already called into customer service to get ADDITIONAL funds off your trip, call in today. Any family making less than $85k may qualify for free money off their trip price. Call 800.468.5899 and find out in 5 minutes how much financial aid you qualify for. It will be immediately taken off your trip price.


We are going to plan group fundraisers for the fall to make this even more feasible. Looking for ideas for individual fundraisers this summer? Check out our fundraising guide below!





Need some ideas for fundraising? Check out our Fundraiser Guide by clicking on the image.








Need some good reasons to go?


Students who travel are more likely to…

  • Attend College
  • Have a higher GPA
  • Have a higher SAT score


Travel expands horizons!

  • Students who travel report an increase in self-confidence and understanding of their own cultural values.
  • They gain an increased acceptance of and understanding for other cultures and perspectives


Jamilla Lutnes

Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy

Costa Rica Trip

June 9 – June 15, 2025

Trip ID 217166


Sign up today and don't miss out!


Visit www.WorldStrides.com/register to sign up!