Kunsmiller Creative Arts Middle

A message for 6th grade parents only

11/30/23, 4:03 PM




6th grade parents, please read the letter from our admin team below, 


Dear 6th Grade Parents and Guardians,


The admin team at KCAA wanted to make you aware of a situation and conversation we had with all 6th graders at lunch today.  A group of 6th graders brought to the attention of admin that an Instagram page and Tik Tok was developed where 6th graders are bullying other students.  Many students in 6th grade have access to this page.  The admin team is looking into students who have access to this account and will be discussing any bullying situation with students and their families if necessary.  

At lunch the entire admin team discussed with all 6th graders the severity of bullying and how all students have the right to feel safe at school at all times. Our Dean discussed what bullying may look like.

It was communicated going forward that students can have their cell phones in their pocket or backpack but students will not be able to have phones out during class time, in the bathroom or moving in the hallways.  This is to reinforce that KCAA is a place of learning and a safe environment for all.  This expectation should not be a hard switch up for 6th graders because it is the same policy 6th grade has had since the beginning of the school.  The cell phone policy has become a little lackadaisical.  We need to tighten up our phone expectations school-wide.  

If you need to reach your student at any time either before or after school you can reach them on their cell phone.  Students can also check their phones at lunch and recess and respond to you if needed.  If it is an emergency during class time please don't hesitate to reach out to the office and a message can be delivered to your students.  

It is going to take us all working together and centering conversations/expectations around learning, safety and care for one another.  If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the admin team.


Thank you,

KCAA Administration Team